Practical Profound Principles of Love

                                               "Miracles occur naturally as expressions of love" 

                                                                                 Marianne Williamson



I commit to my core desired feelings of LOVE, DIVINE, AFFLUENCE.  These #GoalsWithSoul create magic and miracles.  I have always known intellectually, and came to the realisation 15 years ago. I have always been guided by the Divine throughout my life.  The recognition of lifes challenges as gifts is a profound perceptual shift!   There is great success with these principles would you like to start a conversation?




What do you LoVe?

Do you Love your life?

Have you designed goals with soul?

Do you love your career?

How do you want to feel this year?




Combining wisdom as a Healer Practitioner , ACIM, Mars Venus Trainer and present day insights, Love Miracles helps to enhance your spiritual journey and open your third eye to see the Divine in action through the Universe, to provide you with all that you desire.  





















The answers to these and many other questions are gracefully revealed as part of the miracle process which is very simple to tune in to.  I invite you now to join with me to explore your willingness to create magic and miracles in your life. . .



A Course in Miracles was originally written as a collaborative venture between Helen Schucman and William Thetford.  At the time, 1965, Thetford was director of the psychology department of Columbia-Presbyterian Medical Center in New York City while at the same time holding a faculty appointment as Professor of Medical Psychology at the Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons.  Schucman began her professional career at the Medical Center as Thetford's research associate, later also to become a tenured professor of psychology at Columbia University.


Their weekly office meetings had become contentious and they had both expressed their dislike of these meetings, feeling uncomfortable and angry.  Tired of the professional competitiveness and negativity that seemed to have arisen, on an afternoon in June 1965, Thetford delivered a speech to Schucman indicating that he felt they had been using the wrong approach. "There must be another way" he concluded.


Schucman felt that this speech had somehow acted as a sort of a stimulus, eventually triggering off a long series of inner experiences that could be categorized as visions, dreams, heightened imagery, along with a certain "inner voice" that began to make itself known. Finally on October 21, 1965, the "inner voice" asked of her: "This is a Course in Miracles, please take notes." This was the reputed voice that had previously identified itself to her as the voice of Jesus.  Schucman said that the writing made her very uncomfortable, though it never seriously occurred to her to stop!