Ella is a student and facilitates conversations on  A Course in Miracles (ACIM) 


            This evening is for students of ACIM or anyone with the desire to deepen the awareness of the course in their lives.


We begin with a guided meditation then, a reading of the lesson for the day followed by an interactive Q&A discussion on how ACIM is playing out in your life currently.


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             Let's start the conversation with my musings on

                      Womanism, Relationships, Stillness, Glamour

                 Presence in Business, Blueprints, Intersectionality,                Visionary Alchemy, and Miracles!




Life is a gift, THE GIFT economy is essentially ancient, predating the modern invention of currency; it transcends and includes monetary giving.


The gift economy is a paradigm shift from consumption to contribution, transaction to trust, scarcity to abundance and isolation to community; essentially a paradigm shift required to restore equilibrium in a contemporary world.


Diverse perspectives of the gift economy have emerged for over three decades, reaching a stage now of transformation on all levels, economic, political, social, and spiritual. We are called at this time in the feminine evolution of the planet to give of our hearts, not only with money; to give our talents, our skills, our leadership capacities, and our love.


This is my nvitation to you to begin a conversation of the heart based on mutual respect, trust, gratitude and appreciation.  




"We have all been given a gift, the gift of life.  What we do with our lives is our gift back" Edo




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Design a Life and Business that you Love. . .


























About Ella -  Brief


Ella is an enlightened Peace Ambassador, nurtured by James O'Dea's Peace Ambassadors training. She is founder and director of Peace in the City.  Peace in the City shares ideas that cultivate compassion, contentment, and peace, creating cities that are kinder, more peaceful places to live, to thrive, and love.  Peace in the City raises the awareness of the value of meditation for contemporary lives. 


Ella is a Meditation Teacher, Writer and Consultant.  She is an author of  two books; 'Keep Style Rules - 7 Seven Chakra Secrets to Keep Glam and Glow!',  the up coming book "The Art of Being - Ancient Wisdom for Modern Lives'' and co-author of: 'I Am...A Guide to Your Alchemical Journey Within'.  She is a trained Architectural Designer; in earlier careers she was a Mars Venus Facilitator personally endorsed by Dr. John Gray, and a Principal Diversity Officer of Women's Equality.



Email: ella@ellamatheson.com









Sharing ideas, tools and strategies for stillness - a shift in perception for daily challenges, developing "The Art of Being - Ancient Wisdom for Modern Lives"



​​​"​Poetry is not only dream and vision; it is the skeleton architecture of our lives.  It lays the foundations for a future of change, a bridge across our fears of what has never been before."       Audre Lorde