" Ella is the style goddess of spirituality. She fuses ancient teachings with modern day wisdom in fun and gorgeous ways. Her workshops and presentations vibrate with energy. You won't be disappointed."

Jackee Holder Transformational Coach and author of 49 Ways To Write Yourself Well

& Be Your Own Best Life Coach


“I am really glad I chose this group and that I have been shown that spirituality and glamour can coexist. ” Kasia L


“Felt a flowing connection and definitely feel more at one with "me" or should it be "us" this morning.” Susan Roberts 

''What I have learned from Ella is that she does everything with the highest  integrity and her heart fully open.
She manages to share her wisdom with clarity and her insights are always spot on and profound. Someone I am proud to work with and call my friend.''

Leon Aarts Social Entrepreneur, Dad, Chef, Philanthropist, Traveller and Founder of Extraordinary Ones

“I must say that after the Remote Energy Healing I felt calm...and quite focussed. This feeling has increased…and today during and after what normally would have been stressful for me...I feel so calm and together...it’s a very gentle feeling and I'm loving it :)“

Glen Sherwood 

"Ella is naturally intuitive and her loving presence creates a nurturing space to explore your deepest desires and pains, to allow what's true for you to be revealed. She has been a wonderful support in my life and I'm grateful for her wisdom."

Kirsty McAndrew

"it is with great pleasure and complete confidence that I would like to provide my highest recommendation for Ella. She is not only an extremely talented artist, healer, spiritual teacher and psychic medium, but also an eloquent public speaker and accomplished author in the field of self development. Her entire being radiates beauty, love and compassion which makes her a true and gentle spiritual warrior who emanates  Oneness and Universal Healing Energy. I can not recommend Ella and her work highly enough and I wholeheartedly believe that she will continue to lead more people unto the path of true connectedness and Unity."

Nicole Song


“Bringing me in the moment, The Sacred Alchemy offered me the possibility to reflect on my life and my roots.  Taking me on a journey from the past to where I am right now into the future.  What can become possible if I will act from love independent of circumstances.  After the ceremony I felt both uplifted and I got answers on a few deeply touching questions.”  

Charles Ruiters – Soulce



“If you want to be in an open environment which is safe to express and share your journey, learning new interesting concepts, then this event is for you.”

Tamar Peeters


“If you are looking for clarity, if you are thinking there must be more to life, if you are working to change/recognise patterns, if you want to breathe easily, if you want to truly and freely love your life then join this event.”

Pearl Jordan after the Soul Transformation




 “I am grateful for this evening and to experience the Circle. The Alchemy kept going on and on! I am sure that by creating more Sacred Circles, this concept will create a world of great transformation on our planet into divine energy and a new dimension. And besides that, the feeling of all together being one gave me a sigh of relief and reassured me; that if I can experience this, the whole world can.”

Iris Stomp




” The best spiritual development circle in the heart of London. Ella and Leon are the most brilliant facilitators and spiritual communicators who provide the attendees a totally illuminating experience.”

Nicole Song on The Sacred Circles