Futurist, Peace Ambassador, Compassion Consultant, Writer, Peace Lover, Fire Walker. Conscious Activist to establish a United Kingdom Ministry of Peace and a Non-Executive Director, Tutu Foundation UK. Recipient of the Dadi Janki 100 Women of Spirit award in 2016. Ella is a Facilitator for the Prem Rawat Peace Education Programme.

Founder of Peace in the City and author of the upcoming book “The Art of Being – Ancient Wisdom for Modern Lives”. She is a trained Architectural Designer; in earlier careers she was a Mars Venus Facilitator personally endorsed by Dr John Gray and a Principal Diversity Officer Women’s Equality.

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The interconnectedness of art, design and beauty together with the miraculous, the unknown, the mysterious world of intuition and spirituality. A mindful heart-set beyond thinking... to The Art of Being. called to this adventure via precognitive dreams, in co-creation with the mystical, expansive, eternal divine nature of maat; it is from that place I emerge into the modern world, sharing ideas about our future, a more beautiful world our hearts know is possible, cultivating inner peace, to international peace; one consciousness at a time...

"Peace is not the absence of war, it is the presence of social, environmental and econoimc justice." 

Ella Matheson 


Ella has been called to her life purpose to share with individuals and organisations ideas that cultivate cultures of creativity, freedom, and balance with Glow Meditations, which are an adventure through the Chakras to activate intuition.  Individuals become even more creative, productive and make better decisions, they enhance their unique life purpose to achieve multi-dimensional living for our conscious evolution.  A place where we reveal together the Guru is you. . .  


Experience an enhanced awareness of what you hear, see, feel . . . and wear!

In 1991 a series of precognitive dreams paved the way for a future exploring and studying energetic healing, both for use in her own life and for 100’s of other people.

“. . .It was while sitting at the feet of my Mother and Aunts that I would hear ‘My spirit didn’t take to them’ #CarriacouAccent also ‘I dreamt of fish last night. . . someone must be pregnant’ #CarricouAccent.  It wasn’t until years later that I realised this gift was also in my DNA; I too could sense energetic frequencies, the higher vibrations and I experienced my own pre-cognitive dreams.  It was Mummy and Daddy who were the Angels, the Gatekeepers to other realms revealing visions of loved ones yet to transition. . . What is the opposite of a ‘doula’?”    

Ella Matheson


Ella includes twenty years of experience of Lucid Dreams in her portfolio career, which started in Local Government, Policy Development, for Women’s Equality; Ella co-ordinated, the local initiative and was strategic in planning a national campaign, to end violence against women. In 1998 after a breakthrough, on Sloane Street; Ella was personally trained by Dr. John Gray to facilitate Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus seminars, encouraged by John to explore her healing gifts she trained at the London Johrei Centre, London Spiritual Mission, and the Corinthian Church and Healing Association. In 2010 Ella received the gift of 'The Presence' from One World Academy and is a recipient of the Dadi Janki 100 Women of Spirit Award 2016.


"I am grateful also to my early teachers, for the synchronicities in my life leading me from one to the other; and for their insights... My deepest  gratitude to Iyanla Vanzant, Chuck Spezzano, Tony Robbins, Marianne Williamson, Dr. John Gray, Barbara De Angelis, and James O'Dea"

Ella is dedicated to Spiritual Entrepreneurship; she naturally inspires others to connect to the desires of their inner Guru to dream, design, to live rich with the Law of Vibration for greater impact.

". . .Multi-dimensional living is my passion, to continue the story of my cultural ancestors, that we are all unconsciously connected, evolving through time space and all dimensions, sharing our purpose and revealing the gift of who we truly are. . ."    



Spiritual Entrepreneur, Womanist, Sister, Aunt, Niece, Visionary Alchemist, Firewalker, Cousin, Peace Lover, Friend, Designer, Metaphysician, Author

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